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Kneelwagon PDF Print E-mail

After the success of our “improved” horseback bed (see www.huifbed.com), we got to work inventing a recreational carriage for wheelchair-bound drivers, at their request. 

The result: a lightweight carriage (starting at 290 kg) that can be lowered to just 10 cm above the ground at the flick of a lever. (See the follwing page to see the working of the kneelwagon)

After the carriage is raised back to normal height, and everything is locked back into place by means of a single lever operated by a hydraulic hand pump.

The carriage:

* has separate suspension on every wheel, making it very stable
* can carry:  - 2 wheelchairs + assistant driver or
     - 2 wheelchairs + passenger + driver or
                  - driver + 5 passengers + wheelchair or 
                  - driver + 7 passengers
* comes standard with pair of shafts and pole
* has an emergency brake
* has two hydraulic wheel brakes with stainless steel brake discs
* has an extra driver’s seat
* is low-maintenance, easy to clean
* can be powder-coated in your choice of two colours 
* has standard sideboards for your logo 
* can be delivered with the following options:  - tow bar for automobile
                                                                 - hood 

The carriage can be fitted for a team of Shetland ponies or a single horse. The size of the carriage and number of persons it holds remain the same.