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HCA has succeeded in making a number of significant improvements to the existing horseback bed. Whereas it used to take thirty minutes to adjust the breast height for the horses, the whole operation now takes about a minute. The two side steps no longer differ in height and are easier to reach from the side and rear.

The push bars are now fitted with nylon sleeves, making them less vulnerable to wear-and-tear. Because outdoor riding is growing more popular all the time, we have developed an entirely new outdoor hood that allows even easier access for clients. The entire hood, including the hoist, can be lifted hydraulically when placing clients on the bed or removing them. The front of the hood is fitted with an awning and reflective plexiglass below, which is good for clients who suffer from epilepsy. Because the hood is much lower than on standard horseback beds, the horses have an easier time pulling the carriage into the wind and low-hanging branches present less of an obstacle. The carriage’s design also benefits because the entire structure sits much closer to the ground than in the case of fixed hoods. The curtains on the sides have been replaced by roller blinds, making it easier to lift clients into the carriage.

To summarise all our innovations:

Adjustable breast height

Side steps

Push bars

Hydraulically operated outdoor hood

Roller blinds

Innovation by the HCA research team

The new model was developed with the assistance of:




ERGO Swiss

The hydraulic system


Roller blind components

Hoekstra Ede

Ede Hood cover


Sheet metal bending and cutting


Hoist parts

De Vries



Selection of bearings

DS kunststoffen

Guide blocks

Reinder de Groot

Aluminium welding


Powder coating

and all other persons and companies who provided useful information.